Louis Laurain : cornet

Bertrand Denzler : tenor saxophone

Sebastien Beliah : double bass

Hannes Lingens : drums

Rim Kaboré : percussions

"Cape Doctor" is the local name for the strong, often persistent and dry south-easterly wind that blows on the South African coast from spring to late summer. It is known as the Cape Doctor because of a local belief that it clears Cape Town of pollution and "pestilence".
Towards the end of the 50's and under the influence of the American Black Music, an extraordinary musical movement is growing up in South Africa. It combines Jazz, Free-jazz to local musical traditions (Jive, Zulu & Swahili music).
The music of Cape Doctor is very much inspired by this movement, their leaders, as much as the lively and unprocessed energy that defines this music. Here, the band propose a personal and original re-interpretation of this repertoire by adding some original arrangements based on folk songs and traditional rhythms.


Matschenyogo - Cape Doctor
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Jabolani - Cape Doctor
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Bahula Dihabeng - Cape Doctor
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