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Fidel Fourneyron : trombone

Geoffroy Gesser : saxophone & clarinet

Sébastien Beliah : double bass

(© Simon Lambert)

Un Poco Loco is the reinterpretation by three French improviser of jazz repertoire of 40s and 50s with a preference for exotic standards. With respect and imagination, the trio seizes unknown or unexpected themes to develop a refined work on sound and drama, combining the vocabulary of musicians bathed in contemporary culture.
Knowing each others since a long time, these three active musicians of the Parisian scene meet here with in mind the  elegance of the acoustic sound of West Coast jazz, but also the rhythmic and melodic power of the jazz of the 30s or the complexity of the contemporary improvisation.

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(© Simon Lambert)

For this repertoire Un Poco Loco comes back to their first love with the music of Charlier Parker. The sharp angles, the abrupt burstings and the luxuriant virtuosity of "the Bird" appears to be the best game field for this new opus.
The trio continues to develop his unique language who seduce the public in their first repertoire Un Poco Loco and Feelin' Pretty : craftsman's work on orchestration and narration, a rare connection in improvisation, melodies carefully chosen and worked with an unexpected point of view ; finally a music played with sincerity and simplicity.
Charlie Parker himself was playing an intriguing game of hide-and-seek with the jazz standards repertoire through a complex re-writing overlap with his improvised language. Un Poco Loco is taking the challenge of new interpretation of Bird's compositions, as well as of his mythical solos.
Far from a nostalgic tribute, our three improvisers invite us to a creative reapropriation of a music that always passionated them.


Feelin' Pretty


For the record Feelin’ Pretty, the trio decided to tackle a monument of American culture: West Side Story. Leonard Bernstein’s unforgettable standards are first stripped naked and then dressed up in new fancy clothes. An unexpected interpretation of extrapolations, glimpses and playing hide-and-seek with the original score of this great musical, through personal arrangements and original compositions.

Tony, Maria, the Jets and the Sharks are gently hustled, and the magnificent score becomes a preamble to the improvisers’s wildest games.

(© Simon Lambert)

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